CENT-i-98, Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml

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Variety: Argudell
Category: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
Format: Glass bottle of 500 ml (Gift case included with promotional coupon)

Premium Olive Oil, balanced and elegant, made from a very selective and limited production of olives of the Argudell variety, which are harvested at the optimum moment of ripeness, during early November (these are early olives, when the fruit starts to ripen). The production of this Virgin Extra Olive Oil comes from centuries-old olive trees from the Protected Designation of Origin of l’Empordà (Girona). This product is autochthonous (indigenous) and is clearly a fine Mediterranean olive oil.

CENT-i-98 Olive Oil is an olive juice that stands out for its harmony between bitter and piquant, which gives it a very balsamic sensation, with an ephemeral texture. Bright golden in colour with greenish reflections, this olive oil is ideal for tastings in order to appreciate its sensory virtues and properties.



The CENT-i-98 Olive Oil is the result of a very limited selection of Argudell olives from our family-owned estate and it is produced by merging traditional wisdom with modern technological means. It is characterized by having a very low acidity (0.11%), a value that indicates it to be an exclusive Extra Virgin Olive Oil, since the lower the acidity, the greater the quality of the oil. It is an indicator that the production process has been carried out with close attention to highly demanding quality parameters, such as the time between harvesting and grinding the fruit in the oil mill being reduced to 1 hour, thus maintaining all of its vitamin content (such as vitamin E) and antioxidants.

The olives are also harvested directly from the tree, so they do not touch to the ground. All of this attention to detail allows us to elaborate an olive oil with totally fresh olives, which are harvested at their optimum point of ripeness, to achieve an intense fruity olive oil, with a very high aromatic complexity and marked green notes on the nose and aftertaste. Obtaining a first cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, at a maximum temperature of 21 °C, and strictly through the use of mechanical procedures and ecological treatments, which do not modify the aroma, texture and natural composition of the Olive Oil, which is then filtered from the first moment to avoid impurities that can decrease the quality of the oil.

CENT-i-98 is 100% a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Argudell olives, without any additives or preservatives. It is characterized by its very high nutritional properties that produce very beneficial effects on health (phenols), while acting as an antioxidant against ageing. It also protects against inflammation, oxidative stress, the risk of cardiovascular disease and it reduces cholesterol, among the other benefits of extra virgin olive oils.

This product is available in our online store in an exclusive glass bottle in a 500 ml format and with optional gift case (available from October/November).

It is recommended to keep and store is product in a cool and dry place that is protected from light.

An Olive Oil that stands out for its balance between bitterness and piquancy, with a touch of sweetness but without any defect, which confers upon it a very balsamic sensation of an ephemeral texture. A very neat, pleasant and aromatic oil, being an exclusive and elegant oil of century-old olive trees, with a marked personality.

Bouquet: Intense green olives, with easily identifiable secondary aromas of green walnuts, green banana, tomato and fennel. Aromatically complex.

Taste: Intense fruit taste of green olives, complex, with an interesting balance, between, medium tasting, bitter and piquant with slight astringency and with a touch of sweetness.

In the mouth, you will enjoy a delicate olive oil that that can be quite difficult to explain with words due to its complexity, within which the essential features of an extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) stand out.

For this reason, you can taste an exclusive and elegant product that is characterised by its aromatic complexity, with a marked personality and a subtle balance between piquancy and bitterness, together with a touch of sweetness. In addition, it stands out for its intense taste of green fruits that will captivate you and bring you enjoyment as a result of the close attention to detail and also that great care which is representative of our aim in the olive oil production process.

An Olive Oil that becomes a unique sensory experience that we would wish to share with you.

From the organoleptic panel (panel of expert official tasters) we highlight:

  • Oil category: Extra Virgin
  • Average fruitiness: 5.8
  • Maximum default average: 0.0
  • Fruit type: Green
  • Basic tastes: Fruity, bitter and spicy
  • Balanced

“Regarding the tasting of the 2020 crop, it is worth highlighting the balance between the bitterness and the piquancy, which gives it a highly balsamic lightness feeling, with an ephemeral texture. A very neat, pleasant and aromatic oil. The year 2020 is very green, with green olives, green douses, green banana, tomato, fennel… Excellent! Little astringency and a touch of sweetness.”

Laura Masramon
Freelance sommelier in Empordà